3rd Autumn Festival Halloween Edition

3rd Autumn Festival Halloween Edition

3rd Autumn Festival Halloween Edition  / Ready for Halloween ?

Trick or Treat? Well, you should decide quick ,because Halloween is at your doorstep! Therefore, I think  we should discuss the 3rd Autumn Festival Halloween Edition, which just passed in Nicosia but starting tomorrow in Limassol!

What is Halloween? 

Well, unless you have been hiding under a rock, I am pretty sure everyone knows what Halloween is. But for sake of this article, we’re going to make a small description here:

On 31 October ,several countries celebrate this day by wearing masks, costumes and make up, all for remembering the ones who passed away. Though it started as a religious holiday (All Hallows’ Day),over the years people started to enjoy this day and use it as a fun day for activities. The best thing about this holiday : it doesn’t make a difference between kids and adults. Halloween invites everybody to have fun!


Event : 3rd Autumn Festival Halloween Edition

What will you find? Well, for one thing:

  •  Halloween special activities and games and Halloween parties
  •  Even pumpkin decorating and crafting, candy making, sugar crafting!
  •  Also: bumping boats, horse & pony rides, bungee jumping trampolines, funfair and many more surprises!

 And guess what ? They invite everyone from small to big, from kids to adults!

Price of Admission:

  • €2 per person! In addition, the ticket includes: trick or treat, arts & crafts and an entertainment program, that involves Halloween parties, dance, competitions, Halloween Zumba, spooky story readings and many more.

Most important: this festival will support Karaiskakion Foundation and the volunteers will be there as always to collect new donor samples.

Where does this event takes place?

The Festival takes place in Limassol National Forest Park Ekali  from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm on the following dates: Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th and Monday 28th!


For more information contact the organizers “Inspired Family Fun – All for a good cause” or tel.: 99300256!

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure the information provided is accurate, we advise you to check with the event organizers before travelling to confirm the details are correct.