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Paphos Aphodite Festival Cyprus 2019 presents Macbeth

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Paphos Aphodite Festival Cyprus 2019 presents Macbeth

In case you missed the news,this year the Paphos Aphrodite Festival presents the amazing opera by Giuseppe Verdi: “Macbeth”.

Who is Paphos Aphrodite Festival?

It is a company established to promote Paphos  as an international center of stunning cultural events. Every year,since 1999,people gather together to see an incredible known opera performance and enjoy this high level cultural event. Also,the event helps straightening relationships with international foreign governments. This year,Paphos Aphrodite Festival celebrates it’s 21st edition with the help of  National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet of Belarus.

The Effect of Paphos Aphrodite Festival

The president of this Festival is the Mayor of Paphos: Phedonas Phedonos. At a news conference in Nicosia,he spoke of the 21 years of creativity of this institution,naming this festival as one of the largest cultural event,if not the largest in Cyprus. In his speech,he admits to the importance of this festival for the cultural knowledge and artistical events in Cyprus ,also for the effect it has on our international relationships. For example,he believes that due to this year event,our relationship with Belarus will straighten and make way to future collaborations. The cooperation can be in arts and other domains.

Where and when it takes place?

The event takes place in the square of the Medieval Castle in Kato Paphos. You can view “Macbeth” of Giuseppe Verdi on 30,31 August & 1st September. Simultaneous subtitles are provided in Greek,English and Russian. In addition,the price of the tickets varies from €25 to €70 and can be purchased from Also,you can contact Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus in Pafos at +357 26 822218 .


“Macbeth” by Giuseppe Verdi

“Macbeth” is an opera in 4 acts by Giuseppe Verdi, written for the Teatro della Pergola in Florence and premiered on 14 March 1847. Furthermore, “Macbeth” was the first Shakespeare Play,that Verdi  adapts to opera standards.

The plot happens in 11th century Scotland and story-tells of the rise of Macbeth to the throne of Scotland. This happens after the murder of King Duncan and General Banquo. The accomplice of this tragical act is Lady Macbeth,whom at the end commits suicide burdened by guilt. Also,the noble Macduff who defends the righftul claim of the throne by Duncan’s son,kills Macbeth in battle.