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The Rock of Aphrodite and the Story behind it

The Rock of Aphrodite I believe that in case you stayed in Cyprus for some time,there is no possibility that you didn’t visit at least once this place! If I am wrong, than my advice to you is simple: visit Aphrodite’s Rock .What are you waiting for? 🙂 But first let’s start with the beginning! […]

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Paphos Aphodite Festival Cyprus 2019 presents Macbeth

In case you missed the news,this year the Paphos Aphrodite Festival presents the amazing opera by Giuseppe Verdi: “Macbeth”. Who is Paphos Aphrodite Festival? It is a company established to promote Paphos  as an international center of stunning cultural events. Every year,since 1999,people gather together to see an incredible known opera performance and enjoy this […]

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