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The Meaning of 15 August in Cyprus

The Meaning of 15 August in Cyprus

Have you asked yourself what meaning has the day of 15 August for this beautiful island: Cyprus? Well just in case you don’t know, don’t worry, I am here to clarify! 🙂

What you need to know first?

First, this is an important bank holiday that usually brings a week of holiday with it ! Who doesn’t like that? Due to this, I should inform you that Banks are closed on public holidays and even shops have a special program.

Second, this is a religious holiday. The main religion in Cyprus is the Greek Orthodox. Christians are around of 78% of the population in Cyprus. Most Cypriots are Greek Orthodox. In addition, you will find minorities such as Turkish Cypriots who can be: Sunni Muslims, Christian Arabs, Maronites, Catholics and Jews.

What is the meaning of 15 August in Cyprus?

15 August is an important day for all Christians around the world. This includes catholic, orthodox, protestant and many more.  On this day, we celebrate the Assumption Day (also known as the Assumption of the Virgin Mary). But, this is usually a name that the Catholic use. In Orthodox religion, it is known as the Dormition of the Mother of God (Dormition of Theotokos).

The Greek Orthodox Church refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the Virgin Mary or in Greek language “Theotokos”.  According to orthodox religion, Mary ascended to Heaven at the end of her life, yet with all her body and soul. The term of “Dormition” is known as falling asleep, because it is believed that the mother of God died without suffering.

What can you do in these days?

For Cypriots this holiday is considered very important. Due to this, in the week of the Dormition, many residents have a holiday up to 7 days. So of course, many of the restaurants make sure to organize some kind of events or a special nights with traditional food and music.

If you find yourself in Geroskipou Beach in  Paphos ,you could even enjoy a very known Greek Band called Melisses. Or you can go in Limassol, where you will find that from 14-17th August you can enjoy the 29th Lofou August Festival. It includes bingo, karaoke and a lot of known Greek singers.

In case you are not a Greek music person,you could just enjoy a night out with traditional food.

Anyway you decide to enjoy this small holiday,I hope I brought a little light on the meaning of 15 August in Cyprus.

Also,us from Elegant Cyprus Properties, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday of joy, relaxation and also full of amazing memories!