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The Rock of Aphrodite and the Story behind it

The Rock of Aphrodite and the Story behind it

The Rock of Aphrodite

I believe that in case you stayed in Cyprus for some time,there is no possibility that you didn’t visit at least once this place! If I am wrong, than my advice to you is simple: visit Aphrodite’s Rock .What are you waiting for? 🙂

But first let’s start with the beginning!

What is Aphrodite’s Rock?

Scientifically? – Well,only a geological formation of huge rocks located in Kouklia. Yet this place come with a reputation of one of the most beautiful locations in Cyprus. When you search on Google for Cyprus at least ONE image of The Rock of Aphrodite pops up. Cyprus is known for the blue flag beaches and the amazing views, but nothing compares with an image of this place made from up the coastal road of Paphos to Limassol highway. You may think : what is so beautiful of a rock in the middle of the Sea? Well this Rock comes with not one legend but two.

Legends and History 

According to the legend, the Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite, associated with beauty,procreation and passion, was born here. Cronus, at Gaia‘s request (Mother Earth),cut his father Uranus (meaning of the word – Sky). When Uranus tried to escapes,his lower body fell into the sea. Apparently from his reproductive genital arose a white foam from which Aphrodite was born. The Myth says that swimming around the rock at least 3 times will give you blessing like : eternal youth,fertility,beauty and even true love.

The second legend is more recent: from the 7th century to the beginning of 11th century and it revolves around the hero Digenis Akritas.

The name “Digenis” means “two blood” and it represents his mixed Byzantine- Cappadocian and Arab blood.  His father,Emir converted it to Christianity after abducting and marrying the daughter of a Byzantine General . The couple resettled in Romania where they had a son : Digenis. The legend says , that this hero had an amazing power and strength. Like his father,he abducted a daughter of a Byzantine General and with his power it is said he even killed a dragon. When it was time to defend Cyprus from the Saracens (Arab Muslim), he lifted rocks from Troodos Mountains. He then threw them onto their ships. Due to this,the people were saved and now the big rock is also known as Petra to Romiou ( The rock of the Greeks).

Also, the legend has it that he grabbed hold of the Pentadaktylos (“Five Fingers”) in order to leap to Asia Minor ( now known as Turkey.) The Pentadaktylos is a range of mountains from Kyrenia (north of Nicosia) . It comes with this name because of the fact that it resembles five knuckles rising from the ground.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • While you are here,of course,you should take a lot of pictures. From above and from the beach. You can enjoy a coffee in this coffee-shop above next to the parking. Here you can find sandwiches,drinks and even food. Close nearby,there is also a fish tavern with the name of Mario’s Restaurant.


  • In reality ,you are not allowed to climb the rock and you shouldn’t swim here due to the dangerous waves. Unfortunately many don’t respect this rules,so some accidents can happen. You should respect the rules for your own good .

Information you may need:

If you do not own a car,you can visit this place with a public transportation. Check Osypa for their schedules.

The place is very popular between tourists. So after I presented this location,I still firmly believe that if you are a tourist or a local : Visit The Rock of Aphrodite. What are you waiting for? 🙂