Boasting a desirable Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes and beaches, legendary hospitality and a rich heritage, Cyprus offers an unrivaled living experience.

Rich History and Diverse Culture

Cyprus may be small in size, but it is steeped in history and culture, more so than most other Mediterranean nations. Ideally situated centrally between the European, Asian and African landmasses, Cyprus quite literally has been the melting pot of many influences, from the well known associations to the Greek Gods, references to Cyprus in Hittite and Egyptian records, Persian allegiances, Roman Rule, Byzantine and Christian Influence, English Crusader Invasion and Knights Templar.  A truly amazing wealth of history that can still be physically seen today.

More than 10,000 years have influenced the nation, its cultures and its people making Cyprus the unique island that it is. An island that is best enjoyed by total immersion – visit the ruins, admire UNESCO heritage sites, partake in festivities and traditions and become one with the island.


Blessed with climates and microclimates that give Cyprus its abundance of natural beauty. From warm coastal shores to cooler pine covered Troodos mountains, the climate speaks to nature lovers, photographers, hikers, cyclists, skiers and sunbathers alike.

Whatever your preferred climate and pastimes, Cyprus provides… within a stone’s throw. With lush green mountains that top the island and descend through forests, national parks, streams and waterfalls, to the crystal clear blue green seas of the Eastern Mediterranean, the island continues to deliver all its natural glory with every step.

A myriad of wildlife thrives on the island including protected species of Turtles that annually nest in the Akamas and the Cyprus Mouflon, a type of wild sheep. So much diversity in species that you could call Cyprus the “Madagascar of the Med”.

Mediterranean Climate and Beautiful Beaches

When it comes to the weather there is no comparison to “The Jewel of the Mediterranean”. You can indulge in walking across the warm sands under a cloudless blue sky, feel the refreshing yet mild waters of the Mediterranean Sea lapping at your feet, and enjoy an ice cold beverage as you marvel at how the deep blue sea merges into the perfectly clear blue sky.

Relaxation or adventure, sunbathing or scuba diving, it’s all here.


The famous slow-paced and laidback Mediterranean lifestyle is certainly enjoyed in Cyprus, resulting in a stress-free approach to living.  Rated the 5th safest country in the world with low crime rates, minimal pollution and no traffic congestion, it’s not hard to see why so many people choose this idyllic island as their home.


Whatever your nationality, you can be sure of a warm welcome in Cyprus.  The hospitality of the locals is legendary and many make an effort to learn the languages and cultural customs of visitors to the island.  The English and Russian languages are widely spoken throughout Cyprus, particularly in the more populated areas.

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