About Cyprus

This is why you can’t resist Cyprus!!!

Rich in history and culture, Cyprus is the ideal place for you to live something new, intriguing and energizing, counting exercises, occasions, traditions that are exceptional and extraordinary.

History and Culture

Cyprus, maybe small in size but rich in history and culture that travels 10,000 years beyond, making it one of the most established civilizations in the Mediterranean. Ideally positioned at the intersection of three landmasses – Europe, Asia and Africa – the island’s extraordinary geographic position has played a vital role in its past since early years. Greeks, who presented and built up their civilization, in these years imparted the island’s Greek roots. Numerous different societies took after from that point, including Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and British, who all left obvious remainings of their entry, and have along these lines made a mosaic of various societies and periods.


Blessed with the excellence of nature’s best palette, the view of Cyprus unfurls crosswise over sparkling coasts, moving mountains, fragrant woodlands and tough headlands. From the warm shores of the island to the cool landscape of Troodos mountain, nature lovers, specialists, picture takers and travelers will all feel fascinated in meeting shy animals, and finding uncommon plants that peep out in the midst of waterfalls, bays, forest, winding trails and detached sands.

Warm climate and beautiful beaches

There is no comparison  in what this island favors….that is sinking your toes into warm sand… of the sun kissing your skin, and your faculties taking in the crisp, salty breeze and the unlimited perspectives of sparkling blue waters.

This marvelous scene is one that can be delighted in generally throughout the year on the island of Cyprus, and one that provides various experiences, from that one of sunbathing with beverage close by, to the one of attempting another water sport.

Cypriot gastronomy

The custom of sharing local food is an essential part of the island’s way of life, and is naturally connected with from family social events to various celebrations. From generous meat dishes to  cheeses to one of a kind sweets, the Cypriot cooking is an outlandish mix of Greek and Middle Eastern societies. What’s more, its a well known fact that the ‘Mediterranean eating routine’ is thought to be of the most beneficial,  mainly because it is highly associated with valuable ingredients. Add to this the good atmosphere and a festival around each corner, complete with exceptional treats, and you will locate a major gastronomic experience anticipates on this little island!

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