Doing business in Cyprus

Cyprus may be a small Mediterranean island, most well known for its relaxed way of life, beautiful beaches, and desirable climate, but aside from this, there are several factors that make Cyprus a favourable location for all kinds of businesses.

Thanks to its location with easy access to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Cyprus is a great base for businesses who have international connections. There is an international airport at either end of the island, one in Paphos and one in Larnaca, which offer flights to many other parts of the world. Cyprus also enjoys good relationships with its neighbours.

As a full member of the EU, Cyprus enjoys all of the benefits that are obtained through EU membership, allowing Cyprus-based businesses to trade easily with other member states. Additionally, Cyprus is also a member of the UN, Eurozone, Council of Europe and OSCE, which all offer further advantages.

Cyprus is considered to be particularly ‘business friendly’ as a result of a number of incentives including low corporate tax rates and a reduced VAT policy. There is often also less bureaucracy involved with starting and running a business in Cyprus compared to other parts of the world.

Over the years, Cyprus has experienced huge growth in its infrastructure which helps to support the businesses that choose to operate from here. These developments are ongoing with improvements being made all the time. Despite this, the island maintains its unique charm and ways of doing things.

At Elegant Cyprus Properties, we are happy to offer advice and assist with new business start ups on the island. Find out more about how we can help on the ‘Services’ page of our website.

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