Where to buy property in Paphos – Some of the area’s most desirable locations

Located on the southwest coast of Cyprus, Paphos offers the perfect blend of traditional hospitality, a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and a varied list of activities and entertainment options.  Paphos is also steeped in rich history and the whole town is a designated UNESCO Heritage Site.  Of particular interest are the mosaics which are can be found in the harbour...

Real Estate in Cyprus, Predictions for 2023

According to real estate data, there were 22,129 property sales in Cyprus during 2022, to the total value of €5.85billion. This is an increase in 35% from the previous year. These positive figures came about despite the problems that the market is currently facing including rising building costs, increased interest rates on loans, and the war in Ukraine. This is extremely positive news, that even with...

Doing business in Cyprus

Cyprus may be a small Mediterranean island, most well known for its relaxed way of life, beautiful beaches, and desirable climate, but aside from this, there are several factors that make Cyprus a favourable location for all kinds of businesses. Thanks to its location with easy access to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Cyprus is a great base for businesses who have international connections. There is an...

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